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Kristine ventures into the woods to photograph monarchs and turtles. She sleeps soundly.


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On a calm afternoon, Kristine deftly made her way through the woods. Camera strap over her shoulder, she navigated through the dry brushery that crunched in time with her step. In only a few days, the school year would begin again. Kristine still had at least a year's workload ahead of her until graduation, but her mind was occupied with a more distant achievement. A scholarship for photography at Queens U. Hell bent on fleshing out her portfolio, she used the opportunity of her parent's last outing of the summer to venture into the woods to photograph wildlife. Wanting to ascertain a true variety of shots, Kristine resolved to spend the night in the forest.

After hours of kneeling silently by a toppled oak watching a monarch butterfly and waiting for it to take flight, after perpetual ages of leaning over a boulder trying to flawlessly capture a turtle basking in the sun, she retired to a small clearing to erect her pup tent. Meaning to only rest until true night set upon her, she set her watch to wake her at 11:30.

The beeping of the watch tore through her slumber. Rising from her sleeping bag, she took note of the light shining in through the thin walls of the tent. She considered that she only set the alarm a few minutes from when she dozed off, but a quick check corrected that assumption. She had accidentally set her watch for 11:30 AM, as apposed to PM. The night was lost, her parents would be home in hours, and they surely wouldn't allow her to stay the night in a forest alone. Trying her best to brush off the loss, she picked the camera up from her side and began flipping through the pictures on the digital display.

With shaky hands, she unzipped the entrance to the tent and sprinted out with an uneasy gait, her knees barely holding her above the ground.

In the tent remained the camera, tossed aside. Illuminated by the dim glow of the display was the final picture: A nicely positioned one of her inside the tent.

From above



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Wednesday October 1st, 2008

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